For nice looking long lashes

A Mascara to fall in love with

We all want beautiful full and long eyelashes! The 3D Waterproof Mascara from Carisssa Morello is unique in its kind. A mascara with which you create eyelashes that you are proud of :) The mascara provides extremely long eyelashes and extremely full eyelashes. The set consists of two products, the mascara and a product made of fibers, dry hairs, the dry hairs ensure that your eyelashes become fuller and longer. This 3D mascara is extremely black, oil-based and is also waterproof. When applying the mascara, your eyelashes will not only become thicker and longer, this 3D mascara also gives a nice curl to your eyelashes,

It is not only a waterproof mascara, after drying this waterproof mascara remains very flexible and this waterproof mascara does not become hard. Due to the silicone in this waterproof mascara, the mascara also remains very smooth after drying. The oil in the mascara also nourishes your eyelashes, which keeps your eyelashes healthy. Healthy eyelashes have a glow and therefore grow better.

Beautiful long eyelashes

Fuller eyelashes
Mascara Waterproof
Extreme black mascara
Oil-based mascara
The mascara comes with instructions for use, read these before using the mascara. Important, never apply too many fibers, otherwise they will swirl and come loose. The more often you use the mascara, the more comfortable you become with it.

The Mascara gives such a beautiful effect that you won't want anything else!

a wow effect in two steps